Researching Your Home

Owners of older homes are often interested in learning about the history of the property.  Information about the people who lived in a residence over the years, as well as details about the property itself, can almost always be found.  From who first owned the vacant land after Indiana became a state, to the time period when the land was developed, to what might have been on the site prior to the present home, to why a particular style or size of home was built, to all of a property's occupants during its existence, there's a lot of great information to be found. 

Online Resources to Research Your Home

The latest online resources, most of which are free for use.



Process for Home Research

These tips reflect a recap of a "How To Research Your Home" talk presented by a staff member of Indiana Landmarks in 2008. All of these resources may not be currently available. (If you want to share your tips, please email: LVAVUL@AOL.COM)


Historic House Research Handbook

Indiana Landmarks developed, circa 1993, this handbook as a guide for researching homes back before internet research was popular. It discusses Abstracts, Deed Research, City Directories, Insurance Maps and Atlases, County Atlases, Newspapers, Biographical Resources and Census Data. Additionally, it gives local repositories of historic information.